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You may also commission personalized original artwork.  Turn your dream into compelling photographic art.  Together we can create truly unique images based on your ideas, a version of existing fine art, or a combination of both.  Commissions may be used for personal wall art, book covers, album art, and more. 
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Although a photographer for over 16 years, I waited until the age of 58 to publicly share my penchant for surrealism and the darker side of art. My passion is creating dream-like images. I want my art to encourage people to take a break from reality. The images are intended to awaken the imagination of the observer.  Imagination leads the human race to invent, innovate, create, and problem solve.
Often my photos lay on the shadowy side of artistry. Some of the subjects I examine can be uncomfortable.  Life is sometimes uncomfortable. Even as a little girl, I loved all things that go bump in the night. It's possible that I have seen every scary movie ever made, but I have a strong preference for psychological horror as opposed to violence. A few of my favorites are Rosemary's Baby, The Haunting, and The Blair Witch Project. However, The Exorcist is the film that left indelible marks in my mind.​
Conversely, of late I have found myself inventing fantastical places with magical women. And while I am not a huge fan of fantasy movies or books, as a kid my favorite story was Peter Pan.  I think it's a safe bet that was the inspiration for all the flying and fairies in my work. We all need to escape now and then.
Photoshop allows me to create an illusion atop the reality that I photograph. Using texture over the images reinforces a sense of a dream state. 

Currently, I am exploring what makes us human. Not our biology but our mind. I am primarily interested by what we choose to hide from the world and how we do it. I am fascinated with women: our experiences, emotions, hopes, and fears that make us who we are. Our spiritual beings. And our dark little hidey holes where we stuff the bad things.
2020 London Photo Festival December 2020 Winner
2020 International Photography Awards (IPA), Honorable Mention
2020 The Artist's Circle Gallery "America the Beautiful" Exhibition, Texas-Honorable Mention
2021   The Gallery by MUI, "Little Stories We Tell Ourselves" Exhibition
2021   Envision Arts Show, "For the Love of Art III" Exhibit, Texas
2021   Judgement Show, UK, Location TBD
2021   Revolution Gallery, "Mini Masterpieces" Exhibition, Buffalo, NY
2020  Los Angeles Center of Photography Public Gallery
2020 The Artist's Circle, Orange Exhibition, Tyler, Texas
2020 Sfumato International Online Art Exhibition by Arte Estetica and
Artesse Gallery Italy
2020 Syzygy Art Collab,  "Dark Art" Exhibition, Davis Art Center, Fort Meyers, Florida
2020 Tall Sequoia Gallery, "Abstract My World" Exhibition, Toronto, Canada
2020 Push/Pull, "In Toto Virtual Exhibition"
2020 Kentuck Museum and Gallery "Art to Make You Smile" Exhibition, Alabama
2020 National Council on Aging, Arlington, Virginia
2020 Happy Gallery Chicago, "Still Relevant" Exhibit, Chicago
2020 Marvelous Art Gallery, "Surrealism" Exhibition, Istanbul
2020 Revolution Gallery, "Mini Masterpieces" Exhibition, Buffalo, New York
2019 Loosen Art Int'l Group Exhibition "About Future" Rome, Italy
2019 Blank Wall Gallery "Fine Art" Exhibition, Athens, Greece
2019 Blank Wall Gallery "Black and White" Exhibition, Athens, Greece
2018 Water Street Studios 9th Anniversary, Batavia, IL
2018 St. Charles Arts Council Arts Fest, St. Charles, IL​
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